About the DBBA

Facilitating business expansion

The Dutch Bulgarian Business Association is a non-governmental organization that aims to strengthen the economic ties between the Netherlands and Bulgaria. The association seeks to facilitate a soft landing for companies looking to do business in either country by providing valuable support and guidance.

One of the primary objectives of the Dutch Bulgarian Business Association is to help Dutch companies establish themselves in Bulgaria. Through various initiatives and programs, the association provides support and information to help Dutch companies navigate the Bulgarian business environment. This includes organizing networking events, facilitating introductions to potential business partners, and providing advice on legal and regulatory matters.

Fostering economic cooperation

In addition to helping Dutch companies, the association works to support Bulgarian companies looking to do business in the Netherlands. DBBA provides information, advice, and support to help Bulgarian companies successfully navigate the Dutch business environment. By promoting economic ties in both directions, the association helps to create opportunities for mutual growth and development. 

Through its various activities, the Dutch Bulgarian Business Association promotes mutual trade and investments and aims to contribute to the growth and development of both the
Dutch and Bulgarian economies.

The Dutch Bulgarian Business Association supports and stimulates companies in their efforts to do business in both countries and helps them to create opportunities for mutual growth and prosperity.

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