Company setup in Bulgaria

Empowering Your Business Expansion: DBBA - Your Trusted Guide to Opening a Company in Bulgaria

We emphasize that we are solely an advisory party and operate as a non-profit organization.

Expertise in Bulgarian Business Landscape: With extensive experience and an in-depth understanding of Bulgarian business regulations, DBBA is your reliable partner for a seamless incorporation process.

Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Needs: Recognizing that every business is distinct, DBBA gives advisory on personalized services by our partners crafted to meet your specific requirements, ensuring a smooth and efficient incorporation process.

Comprehensive Legal and Administrative Support: Navigating the legal and administrative landscape in a foreign market can be complex. DBBA’s expert partners provides comprehensive assistance, ensuring full compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Extensive Network of Industry Professionals: Through our expansive network of industry professionals, we can connect you with key stakeholders, potential partners, and essential service providers, facilitating a seamless entry into the Bulgarian market.

Cultural and Business Insights: Understanding the cultural intricacies of a new market is paramount for success. DBBA partners provides invaluable insights into Bulgarian business culture, helping you build strong relationships and make informed decisions.

Our partners Incorporation Services Cover:

  • Business Structure Consultation
  • Name Registration and Approval
  • Preparation of Essential Documentation
  • Registration with the Bulgarian Trade Register
  • Taxation Registration and Compliance
  • Opening of a Business Bank Account
  • Assistance with Employment Registration
  • Obtaining Required Business Licenses and Permits
  • GDPR Compliance Guidance
  • Accounting System Setup and Training
  • Ongoing Support and Advisory Services

With DBBA as your dedicated guide, embark on your Bulgarian business journey with confidence. Let our partners handle the intricacies of incorporation, allowing you to focus on what you do best – growing your business.