The contest is allied to the conference “The Future of Bulgaria through the eyes of the young generation”, which will be held on June 4 in Sofia Tech Park, Forum “John Atanasoff”.

Organizer: The Dutch-Bulgarian Business Association (

Purpose of the contest: Since we live in times of dynamic social and technological changes, it is extremely important to hear the fresh and innovative ideas of the young generation for the prosperity of Bulgaria. This essay contest invites individuals up to 35 years old to express their views on how Bulgaria can navigate its future and become a preferred country for living and realization. The insights from these essays will help shape the discussions at our upcoming event “The future of Bulgaria through the eyes of the young generation” and potentially influence the direction of national priorities.

Eligibility: The contest is open to individuals up to 35 years old. Submission: Essays must be submitted via email to by May 27th.

Format: Essays should be no longer than 5,000 words, written in Bulgarian or in English, and can adopt any form or style. Creativity and original thinking are highly encouraged.

Jury: A panel of four distinguished judges from among the event partners and organizers will evaluate the essays based on their natural language, clarity, and relevance to the theme.

Prizes: Prizes will be awarded to the three best essays on June 4 within the framework of the conference “The Future of Bulgaria through the Eyes of the Young Generation”. The winner of the first place will have the opportunity to present his/her ideas to the audience, providing a platform for direct engagement with key stakeholders in Bulgaria’s future. The awarded essays will gain popularity and be published in the partner media and sites after the consent of the authors.

This contest is an opportunity for young voices to be heard and acknowledged at a national level, contributing to a broader and more inclusive conversation about our collective future. We are looking forward to hearing your vision about Bulgaria’s future.

Link for registration to attend the conference: