About Bulgaria

Bulgaria: The EU's Silicon Valley and Gateway to Prosperity

Bulgaria, a prominent member of the European Union, is frequently hailed as the ‘Silicon Valley of Europe.’ Its allure extends to both multinational corporations and small businesses seeking to harness the advantages that accompany EU membership, encompassing economic, political, legal, labor, and environmental benefits. Simultaneously, businesses can capitalize on Bulgaria’s competitive edge over other EU member states. Bulgaria shares its borders with Greece, Turkey, Romania, Serbia, and North Macedonia. The country boasts a population of approximately 7 million and has been an esteemed member of the European Union since 2007. The local currency, known as the “lev” (translated as a lion), is denoted by the code BGN and maintains a fixed exchange rate of 1.95583 levs for one euro.

A Magnet for Global Talent and Business Ventures

Bulgaria attracts a substantial influx of highly skilled professionals who seek employment opportunities within its borders, while global businesses are increasingly opting to establish their companies in the country.

Moreover, Bulgaria serves as a favourable platform for international endeavours, offering abundant prospects for investment and collaboration across diverse business sectors.

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