Our mission

A bilateral business platform between The Netherlands and Bulgaria.

The mission of the Dutch Bulgarian Business Association is to promote economic cooperation between the Netherlands and Bulgaria. We aim to assist and support companies in their efforts to do business in both countries by providing valuable information, guidance, and support. Through our activities, we seek to create favorable business opportunities that benefit companies in both countries and contributes to the growth and development of their economies.

Building bridges for mutual growth

Our goal is to be the leading non-governmental organization promoting economic relations between the Netherlands and Bulgaria. We strive to be a trusted partner for companies seeking to do business in both countries and to facilitate their success by providing valuable support and guidance. By promoting trade and investment, we aim to strengthen the ties between the Netherlands and Bulgaria and to create opportunities for mutual growth and prosperity. Our goal is to be a key contributor to the economic development of both countries and to foster a lasting partnership between them.

Building networks and partnerships
The mission of DBBA is to facilitate the entry of Dutch and Bulgarian businesses into each other’s markets. We actively collaborate with service companies and the public sector to ensure a smooth transition and successful business ventures.

A dialogue partner with the Bulgarian public organizations                                                                             

DBBA recognizes the significance of the right communication between business and public institutions. Our goal is to facilitate and support companies with the proper consulting and information.

Proactive information for our members
Operating in Bulgaria and The Netherlands, we have established a strong network and possess in-depth knowledge of the local landscapes. In both favorable and challenging times, we stand by our members, offering access to reliable and relevant information to support their business endeavors.

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