In 2019 we relocated to Bulgaria – joining a trend in multinational companies establishing European Headquarters and offices in the diverse, multicultural capital city of Sofia. This allowed us to offer a cheaper hourly rate for our customers while maintaining and even improving the quality of our work. It also allowed us to be completely flexible, allowing us to fulfill projects 7 days a week. Meaning unrivaled turnaround and adaptability.

We are extremely proud of our achievements so far and are excited to continue to expand the wide range of services we already offer. When you do business with us you will receive the highest level of knowledge and talented individuals working on your projects, but you will also benefit from the unique cost-effective model we operate under.

Now you have got a little insight into our past and how we see the future. If you think we are the perfect partner for you, do not hesitate and contact us. Our quotes are always free and we are happy to help you with advice without obligation!

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